Sometimes you have to just wonder

Went for a drive yesterday and while Lake Albacutya has no water we thought we would go and look around anyway. We were surprised to find about 10 campers in the free camp grounds close to the toilet block. so we went around the back to see what was there and saw the following sign.

How good it was to see that parks had thought of horse riders coming through and set up a camp for them so we checked it out.


look at that they have hitching posts a camp fire area with a BBQ swing plate to cook on. can’t carry much on horse back they seem to have catered for everything. Dismount roll out the swag and set a fire and you are set for the night.
But wait what is the sign between the hitching posts?


How smart of Parks to think of that.

It only stands to reason that people traveling on horse back would carry a poo bag to pick up after the horse doesn’t it?


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The Town of Werrap

Went for a drive and saw a sign saying Werrap 7 kilometres so just had to go and have a look.

It turned out to be the first settlement over the netting fence but was gone with just signs saying where things used to be. The one building left was a very substantial new fire station.

Just love the history of these places. The train line and main road missed it by a couple of kilometres so it died. Now I need to find out more about it.

A town that dates before all of the others North of the Netting Fence that had homes a hall, school, tennis courts etc. that simply disappeared.

You will find more about this town that once was, under the History Tab

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