Len Petschel’s story


Len PetschelDawn Petschel asked me to finish her husband Lens story from a pile of notes and typed sheets he had left.

I promised I would do my best but was not able to complete the task before Dawn had passed away.

It is now complete or as much as I can complete it at this time so is presented in the page on Len Petschel.

Len gives a very good look into the life of the second generation of farmers that took over from the selectors and the life they lived as they toiled to make a living from the land.

Len Petschel’s story

Goodbye Dawn Petschel

Dawns funeral 1

Goodbye Dawn Petschel.
Rest in peace.

Farewell to a wonderful lady and friend. A tireless worker for her community and a welcoming smile for strangers.

Nothing was too hard for you and you inspired others with your enthusiasm. Your knowledge of the history of the area and the people that lived there will be missed by many for a long time. You were always ready to share what you knew to anyone that asked and if you didn’t have an answer on family tree issues or history, you would search tirelessly to find it for them.

Rainbow is a better place because of you.

Your friendliness, knowledge, hard work and commitment to the community has ensured that.

Rest in peace wonderful lady.
Your work is finished and now it is passed on to others.
You set a standard that will be hard to measure up to.
We will miss you.

Dawns story