The history of country telephone services.

Old Outlet Creek bridge Albacutya4

As you travel around the Mallee and Wimmera and for that matter much of outback Australia, you pass by many twisted, rotten and leaning poles along the roads but take no notice of them. If you look closer, you will find some with telephone wires hanging from them, if you stop to study them, you will find that they are made from many types of trees and some are even water pipes or the wires are attached to a growing tree or in some cases dead trees that just happened to be in the line and position where a post was required.

Have you ever wondered why there is such an assortment of materials used to provide these phone lines to the outreach properties. Why didn’t the PMG of the early 1900’s use a common poles for their lines?

The pole in the picture above is located in the bush on the West side of the Albacutya bridge. It sits alone in the bush, a sign that there was once a home or something in the area, but there is no other sign of settlement. The home that it serviced is long gone but this pole stands proud as a monument to what was once there.

I have added a new page and new photo album on the telephone poles in the Mallee that I have photographed in my travels.

Telephone Poles in the Mallee page

Telephone Poles Album

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