Short Trip

We went for a short drive to check out a few locations today. Travelled from Rainbow to Kenmare then Brentwood (not much left just a fence where the school was and another where the Baptist church was with a marker) Then we travelled west to the point where the 142 meridian crosses the 36th parallel. This was the point where the survey started for the netting fence in 1884. You can see the full article under the netting fence in the History/Mallee section.

We also checked out a location where there is supposed to be a cottage from the 1800’s on a sand dune not far from Lake Hindmarsh on the Werrap road, but couldn’t get to it as the dune is surrounded with a crop and they haven’t harvested it yet so we will have to return later.

Netting fence survey 1

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One thought on “Short Trip”

  1. What a lot of effort you have gone to Phil to tellus about your travels and history of these areas.Thank you and may you and Sue enjoy this special time in your lives.
    Love and best wishes and especially with this impending yuletide.

    Tina and Keith

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