Molesworth Family Pages



These pages have been transferred from the previous web site that I ran on the Molesworth Family. It includes the information that was published on that site along with some newsletters that were published previously. New information on all things Molesworth will be added to from time to time.

These web pages have been created for Molesworth family members and those descended from the Molesworths. It is about their family, its history and a means to share with others their experiences and family knowledge.

If you are a Molesworth or are descended from a Molesworth or just an interested visitor, I hope you enjoy your visit with us.

The focus of this site is the Molesworth family and its members.

The part that various members have played or are playing in world affairs and their place in history.

This is my collection of historic and present day information on the Molesworth Family, presented here for the benefit of family members.




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