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The Molesworths are one of a few families that can trace their lineage back to its beginning. Our family can also be traced back to the royal families of Brittan and France, and from there, to most of the royal lines in Europe. The Molesworth family lineage is regularly used to trace Royal blood lines, for instance, Diana Frances Spencer’s (Princess Diana) 5th Great Grandmother was a Molesworth, and subsequently is also the ancestor of William and Harry. Others are Sophie Rhys-Jones (Wife of Prince Edward) whose grandmother was a Molesworth and Sisters and film stars, Olivia De Havilland and Joan De Havilland (Joan Fontain) whose grandmother was also a Molesworth.

Apart from the royal lineage the Molesworths have distinguished themselves in the military with a Field Marshal, Generals, Admirals and many other ranks. In politics Molesworths have served in parliament as well as ambassadors and Governors, there are Clergy at many levels in the church, Judges, sports and the arts. The second Viscount was also involved in the commissioning of art from several well-known Florentine baroque artists of his day and not forgetting a furniture maker Thomas Canada Molesworth  whose furniture is so unique it has been declared art, and is sought after by museums and private collections.

 The writings of Sir William Molesworth and his theories also influenced the U.S.A. Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

 The first Molesworth was a Crusader travelling with eleven other knights and their armies with Prince Edward to Palestine. There joining with the knights Templar in their quest for a period until Prince Edward was called back to England to take over the throne on the death of his father.

 The Molesworth family has played important rolls in many aspects of the history of a number of countries and still is, Molesworths in history appear to be the influence behind the scenes and seldom present in the limelight but rather working in the background to make a difference.

The following is from the forward in the book on the Molesworth family by Russell Molesworth.

The Molesworths are an ancient family whose line can be traced back to the Lindsay’s at the time of the Norman Conquest. A glance at our entry in Burke’s or Debrett’s, one of the longest and most complicated not only shows the wealth of the many distinguished Molesworths living today, but also their settlement of every corner of the English-speaking world. In 1999 when 1 had the honor to be invited to Windsor Castle to represent the family at the marriage of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys-Jones, who is a descendant of the 1st Viscount, Debrett’s famously commented that had every Molesworth attended, no other guest could have been accommodated!

by the Right Honourable the

Viscount Robert Molesworth

12th Viscount of Swords, Barron of Philipstown.

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      1. The Town in Tasmania was named in honor Of Molesworth Jeffrey who with his son (also Molesworth Jeffrey) was on the town council serving as chair for many years. When they decided to name the town he requested that it be named in honor of his grandfather the Viscount Molesworth. It was decided to name it Molesworth but after him and his son for their long years of work for the district. He later migrated to Victoria in Alexandra. The Victorian town of Molesworth got its name from Sir Robert Molesworth the supreme court judge in Victoria.

  1. Hi, requesting help.
    In my family tree Richard Nassau is a 6th G/grandfather to me.
    Q- some history facts tells me that Richard passed away in 1793, unmarried.
    Other sources inform me that he married a Isabella Margaret Lever in 1790.
    Can you please advise which alleged history is relevant?
    Kind regards

    1. I am away at the present time and all of my records are at home. I will look him up when I return. The final word on most Molesworths can be found in Debretts Essential Guide To The Peerage. They keep the official family tree

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