It all started as a scout and scout leader. I was bitten by the camping bug.A couple of my senior scouts on a mountain trek.

Now I am  starting new having spent a few months each year for the past few years traveling in a 1970’s 17 foot Franklin pulled by a Rodeo Ute. I have stepped up with a new rig (now my home away from home) to see as much of Australia as I can.

044 Camp site

The old rig above. It served a purpose and I still have it. (not the ute)

New Van and Car at Warburton s

The new Rig at Upper Yarra

Finley beach on the Murray

Rapid Bay SA

Being a keen history buff, it is my intention to seek out the local history of the places I visit and put my findings in this Blog. I also have collected many stories that are not here that I will compile into a book in the future.

If you enjoy finding out about remote places and people I hope you enjoy the stories I place here.

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  1. Dear Phil and Sue,

    I should like to make an enquiry on a family history matter to do with Hickman Molesworth (first cousin by marriage twice removed). Could you please contact me by email.

    Thank you,

    Helen Connell.

  2. Hi Phil and Sue,
    I was ready a caravaners forum looking at installing a doggy door in our van for our two little chihuaha crosses.
    I saw your post from just over two years ago where you said your new van was being fitted with a doggy door and you would post photos when done.
    Did you get the door fitted, did it work well and did you post the photos (as I cannot find them).
    Thank you

  3. Hi Chris
    Yes the door was fitted but I didn’t post the photos. I must do that.
    I had to build a platform and steps so they could get up to it to go in and out.
    I also have a pen that I set up so they can go out and are confined in the pen.

  4. Hi Phil and Sue,
    I am trying to find out a bit more information about Pella. I am hoping you can help me.

  5. while I have done some research on the Pella area I am not the person to help you. Maybe you can find your answers in the Pella book.

  6. Phil, could you email me please. My great-grandfather Casimir Rowe had Albacutya Station from before his marriage in 1873 (probably from when it was for sale in 1867) until he had to leave in late 1880. My grandmother was there as a baby. Would love to exchange information.

  7. My name is Terry Beed and I am a family researcher studying the history of my grandmother, Matron Olive Angermunde. Olive set up and managed a private hospital in Newtown, Sydney which she called “Chelmsford Private Hospital”. Chelmsford was first located at 4 Erskineville Rd, Newtown, but was reopened I believe in the early 1930s at 85 Wilson Street, Newtown.
    I have just come upon a press clipping in Trove from the Daily Telegraph dated Mon 18 March 1935, p 10 which states that Chelmsford was “formerly the home of Judge Molesworth”.
    I wonder whether this is the same person that your website is dedicated to?
    I have been to 85 Wilson Street and it is now the site of a block of flats probably built post WW2.
    My grandmother was a notable person in Newtown and more broadly, Sydney, in the 1920s and the years of the Great Depression and I will be publishing a paper on her in coming months.
    I would be most grateful to hear from you and to explore the possibility of finding a photograph of this building which she must have re-named, “Chelmsford” upon setting it up as a private hospital.

    With best regards,

  8. I’m sorry Terry I don’t think I can help much. The judge or judges you refer to are Sir Robert Molesworth (chief justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria) and his son Hickman Molesworth.
    While they may have visited Sydney they never lived there. They had homes in St Kilda, Kew and Auburn.
    My cousin. The Hon. Acting Justice Simon Molesworth AO served for a while in Sydney but that was recently and well after your timeline.
    There is a branch of the Molesworth family in Sydney but the link is back in England in the late 1700’s early 1800’s. It that family that Margaret Molesworth the tennis player that won the first two women’s Australian opens. She was from Queensland but ended up in Sydney when her husband Bevil Hugh Molesworth was appionted to the post of federal controller (later director) of talks with the ABC.
    I am not aware of any other judges in the family that would have resided in Sydney.

  9. Terry, I will need to dig around in my “family box” but there is a Judge Molesworth from Sydney. If you ever visit St. Stephen’s Church in Camperdown, there is a water fountain and small statue that was on the street in Newtown until it was moved to the Cemetery of St. Stephen’s. Many Molesworths and Madsens (married) are buried or memorialised at St. Stephen’s, which is also the graveyard where you will find the grave of the spinster lady that Dickens learned about before writing Great Expectations.

  10. Hi Phil, not sure if you can help me. I am the publisher at Meridian Maps and am working on a new edition of our Vic Deserts 4WD Map. I would like to locate the grave site of John Coppock if possible. I also am wondering if know of the grave site of Archbold’s Grave, supposedly at the end of Goslings Rd at the north end of Lake Albacultya. I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. I would if I knew who you are. There are several James Molesworths in the list but you have given me insufficient information to locate you

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