Sue and I (Phil) have travelled through a number of lives together. We met in our late teens Sue growing up in Northcote and Ivanhoe and me in Yaraville, The Basin, Reservoir and Thornbury. In our early life together we spent time travelling and camping in an ex army series II Land Rover. Spending a lot of time in the Victorian High Country camping in a tent.

Sue Kevin & Deb


I was called up into national service soon after our wedding

Then the camping trips slowed down when the children arrived, followed by the Grand Children.

Phil & Sue

(A picnic in the bush on a weekend drive in 1970)

67 1971 Pig hunting in NSW 5  81 Deb

(Debbie on the Land Rover and throwing stones into a High Country Stream on one of the trips)

Now we are starting new having spent a few months each year for the past few years traveling in a 1970’s 17 foot Franklin pulled by a Rodeo Ute. we have stepped out with a new rig (now our home) to see as much of Australia as we can.

044 Camp site

The old Rig

New Van and Car at Warburton s

The new Rig

Being a keen history buff, it is my intention to seek out the local history of the places we visit and put my findings in this Blog.

If you enjoy finding out about remote places and people I hope you enjoy the stories I place here.

6 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

  1. Dear Phil and Sue,

    I should like to make an enquiry on a family history matter to do with Hickman Molesworth (first cousin by marriage twice removed). Could you please contact me by email.

    Thank you,

    Helen Connell.

  2. Hi Phil and Sue,
    I was ready a caravaners forum looking at installing a doggy door in our van for our two little chihuaha crosses.
    I saw your post from just over two years ago where you said your new van was being fitted with a doggy door and you would post photos when done.
    Did you get the door fitted, did it work well and did you post the photos (as I cannot find them).
    Thank you

    1. Hi Chris
      Yes the door was fitted but I didn’t post the photos. I must do that.
      I had to build a platform and steps so they could get up to it to go in and out.
      I also have a pen that I set up so they can go out and are confined in the pen.

  3. Hi Phil and Sue,
    I am trying to find out a bit more information about Pella. I am hoping you can help me.

  4. Phil, could you email me please. My great-grandfather Casimir Rowe had Albacutya Station from before his marriage in 1873 (probably from when it was for sale in 1867) until he had to leave in late 1880. My grandmother was there as a baby. Would love to exchange information.

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