Hello all and welcome to our World

Sue and I (Phil) have travelled through a number of lives together. We met in our late teens and spent time travelling and camping in an ex army series II Land Rover. Spending a lot of time in the Victorian High Country camping in a tent.

Then it slowed down when the children arrived, followed by the Grand Children. Now we are starting new having spent a few months each year for the past few years traveling in a 1970’s 17 foot Franklin pulled by a Rodeo Ute. we have stepped out with a new rig (now our home) to see as much of Australia as we can.

044 Camp site

The old Rig

New Van and Car at Warburton s

The new Rig

Being a keen history buff, it is my intention to seek out the local history of the places we visit and put my findings in this Blog.

If you enjoy finding out about remote places and people I hope you enjoy the stories I place here.

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