Len Petschel’s story


Len PetschelDawn Petschel asked me to finish her husband Lens story from a pile of notes and typed sheets he had left.

I promised I would do my best but was not able to complete the task before Dawn had passed away.

It is now complete or as much as I can complete it at this time so is presented in the page on Len Petschel.

Len gives a very good look into the life of the second generation of farmers that took over from the selectors and the life they lived as they toiled to make a living from the land.

Len Petschel’s story

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  1. I came across the Len Petschel story today, Len was my much admired uncle who taught me to swim, with a lot of coxing and my first driving lesson was in the vehicle Len & Dawn are standing in front of. I enjoyed the Len’s story, and congratulate you on the compilation of those notes.

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