Pella the hidden village.

Out west of Rainbow, there is a quaint little settlement of Pella. Not much there you might say but if you look behind the curtain of mallee trees there is an experience to be had that may surprise you. This settlement was built by German immigrants circa 1900. Most of them came from South Australia to take up selections and developed their own community centre. After driving along a dirt track through the bush you will discover a church, school house and a home all built from the local limestone with cement made in the local limestone kiln that you will find a little further down the track. The village is located on the west side of outlet creek which has been affectionately named the Rhine as the locals refer to the community as being across the Rhine. At the back of the limestone kiln you will find another building hidden from view that is referred to as the mystery house as its purpose was unknown for many years and except for the investigatory of Constable Bill Miller back in 1935 it may have remained a mystery. In the Pella pages you will find the stories of this community as I discover more of this fascinating location. I have included Pella on my history tour and they proudly open the church and school for visitors. For those interested in history this village has a lot to reveal.

In Pella we discover the story of an early aeroplane enthusiast who with the help of his brother designed and built his own plane and discover the story of its demise.

Over the next few weeks I will add some of the stories of Pella and its people.

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  1. Thank you for your page.
    My Aunty lived in Pella and her house still stands but a little rundown.
    Her name is Vicroria Wedding wife Of Gus
    Regards Ian Venables.

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