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  1. am writing a Molesworth History would love to know the source of your photographs and any information you may have.My Mother in Law is Mary Molesworth born 1925 in Victoria Australia.

  2. I am researching former Collingwood players and we have a H.Orford who played in 1893 that previously played for Edlington. What year is your Edlington FC team photo and do you have any names?
    Do you have any other info on Edlington FC players or history?

    Many thanks

  3. I will check for you. My Grandfather (William Farnham Molesworth) was the creator and secretary of the team he disbanded the team when he moved to Warnambool to practice law with his brother. I understand the last season was the year before Hawthorn started. The team was based on the property started by Sir Robert Molesworth (supreme court judge) on the corner of Auburn and Bourke roads Auburn. As I understand it the council decided to start a community team after Edlington closed down. I don’t have a lot.

  4. Great to see these photos! I, too, am a Molesworth although from Sydney. My father was Arthur Robert, son of Leslie George. Now married, and living in Canada, I am the last of that particular branch of the family tree.

    Anyone having any Molesworth photos (outside of those found on Ancestry), please feel free to message me as I would love to see them.

  5. I am unaware of any judge Molesworths in Sydney. The Molesworths in Sydney are a different branch to mine. Our branch descends from Sir Robert Molesworth my Gr, Gr grandfather. Where I believe the Sydney branch comes from a Soldier in the early settlement I believe his name was William Molesworth he did spend some time in Castlemaine Vic around the early 1860 during the gold rush. He was not part of our branch so I haven’t done much research on him although I think he was the first Molesworth so come to Australia. There was a convict with the name of Molesworth on the second fleet but he didn’t survive the trip.

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